London Santa Skate 2014

Since skating events seems the be the current theme of posts, I’ve decided to add to the list and write about the London Santa Skate of 2014. This was the most fun public skate event I’ve done to date and probably the one I would most recommend to skaters! (It was also a birthday present to myself to celebrate my 21st, so maybe that’s why its so memorable)!

Arrived in the pub to register and pick up suits! Everyone looks tired before the skate has even started (tut)!
Arrived at Wellington Arch - Santas are waiting to start!
Arrived at Wellington Arch – Santas are waiting to start!

So once again, a group of us from BladeSoc took the train down to London and checked into a hostel. We then went to register and grab our santa suits from a lil pub and then made our way to the starting point at Wellington Arch, Hyde Park. (A group of people dressed as Santa Claus carrying skates certainly captured attention on the tube! It actually felt really good to brighten up their day a little bit.)

Some of our group ready to start!
Some of our BladeSoc group ready to begin skating!

Once the skate began, Christmas music started playing from bicycle carts and radio linked to skater’s backpack speakers. It was a truly awesome atmosphere! We skated around London, passing a lot of famous landmarks along the way, with the streets being closed off temporarily for us to pass- imagine a large group of Santa’s gliding around London streets! People were stopping on the pavement to watch and waving from balconies and the magical Christmas spirit was definitely in the air! (See for yourself below!)

IMG_0132 IMG_0174

IMG_0214 IMG_0276

IMG_0303 IMG_0343

After a short stop off break for a drink and snack, we continued and finished the skate. It was a slow paced skate so was more fun than to feel accomplished, but spending my birthday celebrating doing what I love and with people I care about made it an event to remember. It was followed by an after party, but we were too tired after the skate and a day of travelling (and hungry) to go. We got some food and went back to the hostel, but the skate was definitely worth the trip!

group pic
The group of BladeSoc people at the end of the race!

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