Making a Skate Bag

For Christmas 2014, I decided to make my boyfriend a skate bag using his favourite rucksack used for lectures. His current bag was an ideal size to hold all of his lecture folders, notes, laptop, with room to spare! The only problem he had was that when skating to university lectures, there was no where secure to store his skates throughout the day, so they often hung precariously from the shoulder strap adjuster connection webbing.

The finished product! Continue reading for information on how I achieved this!

So to start this project, I purchased a new Jeep rucksack with large pouch and laptop storage capacities, 4 dual adjustable rucksack replacement buckles, and a few metres of synthetic webbing. I then positioned his skates onto the back front in the ideal positions and measured out the correct length of webbing to fix the skates to that position. To test, I used safety pins (to make sure the webbing can hold the weight of the skates) and marked the correct position with dress makers chalk.

Next, I hand sewed the buckles to each end of the webbing, making sure to sew the end over onto itself to secure the buckle (and make sure it wouldn’t fall off!). I also sewed one end of the buckle into the webbing so one side was secure and not length adjustable (but leaving its paired side adjustable). After this came the sewing on of the straps onto the marked areas – though I tested the security of the buckles by using safety pins once again and by tightening the buckles around the skates. I marked the webbing with the chalk for easy sewing onto the bag later. After a quick shake around for a final test, the marked middle of the straps were sewn onto the marked areas on the bag.

Skates secure with the straps on the bag!

And that’s it! The straps were secured and a final test with the skates once more ensured the stitching was of strong quality. It took longer than it took to type out, but a lot of patience was needed with the fiddly bag/webbing attachment!

Here is a picture of him modelling his new bag:

Nice and secure skates!

For future developments, I would have made the straps storable in one of the zip pockets, or have introduced a new zip pocket for this purpose. My original plan was to make the bag from scratch (instead of buying the Jeep bag itself; design a bag with the same kind of features). However, this proved too ambitious for a first attempt, but now that I know it was a success, I’d like to move onto making the whole thing myself! (Keep tuned for a potential future blog post if that gets done!) Finally, I would like to include a waterproof cover (for those pesky English rainy days).