Skating Down Steps (fail) + Tips

So after the burst of skating confidence during the jumping skating session (my last post!), my friend and I decided it would be a great idea to try to skate down some steps. We had seen it done by a lot of the advanced skaters at BladeSoc sessions and we had watched a few YouTube video tutorials, so why not? Here’s the video of my second attempt (failed both times):

I posted this video to my Facebook page too, to see what other fellow skaters thought about it. The feedback received was great and here are the main points the experienced skaters suggested:

  • Do more lemons (to strengthen leg muscles so they are able to hold the position on the landing rather than collapsing)
  • Do it backwards (it’s easier apparently, as you are leaning over your toes to give you more balance)
  • A little more speed required (skating stairs can’t be done slowly!)

Since then I have been practising lemons whenever I can to strengthen my leg muscles. With a normal lemon, you bend your knees on the push-out of legs and straighten legs with the pull-in of legs- however it was also recommended for extra strength building to do both parts of the lemon with straight legs. You definitely feel the burn doing it this way, so I recommend this technique too!

So this is my quick start post about skating down steps, and I will be sure to do a future update post when I am able to skate down the 2 steps (and any more that I can brave)!

My Current Skates

So I now I’ve updated the About page to introduce myself, I think its time to introduce my current skates!


Say hello to my lil babies! They are Seba FR2 80 Freestyle 2012. Compared to my previous skates (a post to come about those!), they are extremely comfortable with more structural support around the foot and ankle. They were a bit hard to get on a first, but I think you find that with all new skates. I haven’t yet changed the wheels from the original ones that came with them (80mm/85A), but I’m hoping to get new ones by the end of the year (since they still have a lot of skate wear left in the current ones). The ride is smooth and definitely a good upgrade from the skates I have previously used.

So there we go, short and sweet, my lil FR2s.

With friends :)
With friends 🙂